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We believe in true love, lasting love, and we think it’s so amazing to be a part of each couple’s biggest day of their lives. That’s why, we are incredibly passionate about wedding photography and cinematic wedding videos, and our goal is to capture images and videos that you will treasure for years to come. Through our dynamic photo and video storytelling, we showcase the bride and groom for who they truly are, and the true and honest moments of their wedding day. Our clients feel the emotion within their photos and videos, whether through laughter or tears, as they recount the variety of special moments captured through the day.

Our Creative Style

At Haziel Photo and Films, our style is all about capturing the essence of your wedding day in its most genuine form. We blend a journalistic approach with candid photography, focusing on real, unscripted moments that reflect the true spirit of your celebration. During your special day, we work discreetly, always on the lookout for those spontaneous, heartfelt instances that define your story.

Our approach is unobtrusive yet attentive. We believe in capturing emotions as they unfold naturally, with minimal posing. But we’re also there to provide gentle guidance and direction when it’s time for those all-important family shots, and bride and groom portraits, ensuring everyone looks their best.

We pride ourselves on being more than just photographers and videographers; we’re storytellers. Each video we produce is a cinematic expression of your love story, filled with emotion and crafted with care. Our editing style, characterized by moody and earthy tones, adds an artistic dimension to your memories, perfect for couples who value a unique and creative perspective.

By choosing us, you’re inviting a team that’s committed to showcasing your personality and ensuring that every precious moment is captured beautifully. We’re there to make your wedding day memories last a lifetime, in the most authentic and enchanting way possible.

about US

Hi, I’m Randy! Founder and owner of Haziel Photo and Films alongside my wife, Olga Treviño. I’m a devoted husband and dad to two amazing girls, and our baby angel, Haziel, who’s always in our hearts. I’m a Jesus follower and pastor of a spanish congregation. My passion for photography began while I was working at a local newspaper. Initially just taking photos of my family and friends, I soon found this passion at my first wedding shoot.

Hey there, I’m Olga! I’m all about music, laughter, and creating new friendships. I’m a music teacher at a Middle School in Bentonville, so I absolutely love singing, writing music and playing the guitar. And making new friends? That’s my favorite part of any day. At weddings, I’m your go-to for keeping everything and everyone looking sharp and feeling relaxed. I’ve got an eye for the little details and a heart for making sure everyone’s having a great time. Let’s make your big day as fun and carefree as possible.


The Creative Team

Besides the magic that my wife and I bring to weddings, we’ve got an awesome team of photographers and videographers too. They’re all about making your big day look fabulous, capturing every moment with the same care and creativity we do. With our team, you’re guaranteed to have wedding memories that are nothing short of amazing! Get to know them!

our team of story tellers

Esdras (Videographer)I have been a video producer for the past 4 years. As my true passion lies in creating videos, I’ve spent most of the past 5 years shooting weddings, live events, and documentaries stories. On a personal level, I am a follower of Christ, I am reliable and capable in fast-paced environments. I am highly organized and I pride myself on being extremely attentive to detail, with an eye for presentation.

Heather (photographer) – I’m a creative through and through: a photographer, graphic designer, musician and singer, and always planning my next tattoo. I fell in love with photography while rock climbing and transitioned from adventure photography to portraits and weddings. My husband and I are proud NICU parents to our daughter, Sarah.

Randy, Haziel team's photographer and videographer, smiling and posing during golden hour.
Randy Treviño
Olga, a dedicated photographer and videographer from the Haziel team.
Olga Treviño
Wedding videographer in Northwest Arkansas Esdras sitting down looking away
Esdras Valdez
Heather Hall

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