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January 31, 2019

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Wedding Videographer

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, now imagine what a video says. There just something magical about wedding videos, and they are becoming more and more popular these days. They are not the typical wedding videos you are used to watch from your parents and grandparents. Now they are more cinematic, more personal and beautiful to watch and you can share them all over social media. But not all wedding videographers are created equal, so you need to know what questions to ask before making a decision to hire one. 

First, make sure to watch several of their wedding videos (highlights) before you meet with them. The following questions are for you to answer: Does the videographer fits the style you are looking for? Are you in love with their work? Do the videos look polished and professional? Where you touched and moved by some of their videos? Can you picture yourself in any of them?

Ok, now to the questions you need to ask a videographer. These are important to ask, so you have something to compare them with and not just pricing.

1. What is your videography style?

This is the most important question to ask in my opinion. There are so many different styles and approaches to wedding videos. Some are just a music video with the best highlights of the day in a chronological order. Others are edited in a more cinematic way, where they tell your story with the best soundbites of the day, with the use of a soundtrack with highlights, arranged in a way that builds anticipation and emotion. This process is more labor intensive and requires more time in the editing process.

2. What packages do you offer?

Just like photographers, videographers will most likely have different packages to choose from. That varies from how many hours they will be at your wedding day to how long will the finish editing be, and what extras do they offer.

3. Do you use a second shooter?

Using a second shooter can be essential to getting different angles during your wedding day, specially during the ceremony. It also helps to make sure that nothing is lost by having a second set of eyes. 

4. Do you use professional voice recorders?

Professional sound will make or brake your video. No matter how beautiful the video footage is, if the sound is not properly recorded, it will make it unbearable to watch. This becomes more important if you are reading letters to each other or will have unique vows. If they are only using the mic from the camera, more than likely the sound will be subpar. You want to make sure that the ceremony, personal vows and toasts are recorded properly.

5. Do you offer a long edit (full video)?

While the highlight is the product that most videographers are offering, some will also have the option to add a longer version of the wedding video, either as an add-on or in one of their packages. A full video (also known as a documentary video) can last from 20-90min., depending on your wedding. Some, offer a full ceremony edit, and options to add first dances and toasts. So, make sure you ask what’s included. Ask them to show you a video of one of their longer edit, so you can make sure that it’s also done well.

*** EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: Do you have a backup camera?

Equipment malfunctions can happen at the most inappropriate time, and having extra cameras and lenses assures that the wedding will be recorded even if one camera stops working. The same goes with having a system to back up all of your footage and files. Your videographer should have a back up system should anything happen.

Of course, there are more questions you can ask a wedding videographer, but at least this is a good starting point to get the conversation going.

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